Autumn/Winter 2018/19

After 3 months as Artist in Europe in Brussels/Belgium (Sept-Nov) with slight breaks for shooting as outlaw-character in a well known Austrian/German crime series, I was happy to host the world’s first bilingual DRAMA SLAM in Flemish and French on January 24th at the Pianofabriek in Brussels with support of the Austrian Cultural Forum and the county of Styria!

Now I’m back in my hometown Graz rehearsing a brandnew theatre-play with my former little drama boyz colleagues which are now working as the zweite liga für kunst und kultur which will be happening in the parkhouse in the middle of the Stadtpark in march and april. Quite a wonderful place to rehearse and play as I already spent half of my university time partying there and hanging out at the shores of the duck-lake already some twenty years ago…

Über jimilend

Transformer Performer Wordformer :* Director, Actor, Poet *:
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