Hödlmoser – Aufstieg und Fall des letzten Ursteirers

Reinhard P. Grubers legendärer Steirerepos zum ersten Mal gelungen dramatisiert von Bernd Watzka. Regie Uschi Leitner mit Jula Zangger, Tobias Kerschbaumer und mir in der Titelrolle des umtriebigen und charakterschnellen Ursteirers.

von 22. September – 27. Oktober auf Tour durch die Steiermark und Wien; alle Infos auf www.wiendrama.wordpress.com

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RAD DER ZEIT – Vitamins of Society 2022

THEATRE – MUSIK – Fantasy For Future

The Vitamins of Society are my artistic homebase. I first thought about them during the Podium Theatre Festival in Moscow 2003 and since then developed it with a lot of devoted people to the production base for DRaMa SLaM and an annual Live-Theatre-Show with Music. 2022 it’s RAD DER ZEIT/WHEEL OF TIME tells the story of the last video rental shop and the mystical origins of its first owner. In this company I’m the organiser and director, and we have writers, musicians, actors and stagebuilders working on the farm of my ancestors in southern Styria to fullfill our visions and our version of contemporary, critical and yet comedic theatre!

28th July – 22 August 2022 in Sankt Ulrich im Greith und Graz.
Details at www.vitaminsofsociety.org

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Welcome to my personal homepage! Glad to see that you have managed your way out of social media to the real sources in this great internet of ours.

© Roland Renner see the gallery for more

Next dates:
8th July Schilcherslam in Sankt Ulrich im Greith
9th July DJ @ Kombüse GRAZ
28th July – 22nd of August RAD DER ZEIT in Sankt Ulrich im Greith and Graz (18-22.08.)
27th August DJ Performance @ DEAD MAN WALKING festival, Miesenbach bei Birkfeld
22th of Septembre to 27th of Octobre HÖDLMOSER (on tour in Vienna and Styria)
28th of Septembre to 29th of Octobre ANATEVKA (Oper Graz)

I have spent a fruitful spring in middleeurope and just entered a recreational period in a farmhouse on a south-dalmatian island. After the 33rd DraMa Slam in January I was lucky to celebrate just another DraMA SLaM XXXIV in the Hangar Teatri Trieste during the first edition of the #wordsbeyond playwrights and translators festival. On the second day of the festival it was my first time to publicly perform in Italian language, when I was lucky to receive the 1st wordsbeyond arward for „Die Pension ist sicher“ by J.Schrettle and Vitamins Of Society. Vitamins of society are translated for a second time into Italian (after my novel The Lovers of Savicenta) and I’m looking forward to explore possibilities to really bring it on stage with Italian actresses and actors.

I was casted for two shortfilms from Austrian filmstudents in Munich and Vienna where I made further steps into the types of a careful father and an aggressive hooligan. As an ambitioned filmmaker myself it is groovy to work with students, because as they are learning by doing you also learn a lot when you sharpen your ears.

I continued to play the Russian sergeant in Anatevka (Fiddler on the roof) at the Oper Graz and after the war in the Ukraine went full scale before the last show, the role that I had to play became frighteningly intense to fulfill. To play the executor of an oppressive power and to justify the violent actions (pogrom and eviction) with the words of the libretto was a whole new experience and the common consciousness for the real threat created a different kind of silence in the auditory and on the stage. After the singer of Tevje held a little speech at the end of the play in front of the curtain the tears where dropping all over the place.
In Autumn we will play a few shows of this great melancholical again I hope peace will take more ground on the world by then!

In Austria we are in the very lucky situation to be able to play theatre and to be allowed to play and perform what we want, to dramatically explore the human existence on this planet without any censorship and in relatively secure economic circumstances. Even though the world is burning on so many ends I see it as my personal duty to pursue the path of the artist as long as it is possible, because I see it as my path to contribute to the positive outcome of organic life’s history on this planet. We humans alone have achieved so much in the centuries and millenias of our cililizational development in close exchange with (and often on top of) the other lifeforms on earth and it’s not the time to descend into the dark ages of absolute power and broadband life- and mindcontrol again. We have come too far as a global community to be able to believe that singular leaders could be the only source of truth and stability. Security is an illusion our only chance is to stay awake and prepared and to care for our environment.

As I sit on a terrace on top of a bay thoughts get philosophical but a new Vitamins Of Society play is already in its last preproduction stages and I’m looking forward to present our new theatre play RAD DER ZEIT on the 28th of July to the world. It plays in the little village of Schwarzeneck somewhere on middle-european hills and it brings the fight between windmills and gasoline to an epic level. Fantasy movies in the tradition of the late seventies and the early eighties are our inspiration for the aesthetical approach to the new play that I’m about to realise in the company of some wonderful artists, my family and a lot of support from neighbors, companies, local communities and public funds. The artistical team is set and the story is about to evolve as we speak. I cannot wait to join all members of my legendary company and work it all out in three and more dimensions.
28th July – 22nd of August – don’t miss it and get your detailed info at www.vitaminsofsociety.org

On the 22nd of Septembre I return to full scale acting myself. I landed the lead role in “Hödmoser – Aufstieg und Fall des letzten Ursteirers” the first dramatisation of a very popular Austrian novel by Rainhard P. Gruber written in the seventies and in that part I play an eloquent farmer, a sensitive powerhouse and a brutal aesthete all culminating in one personality of epic dimensions. It is remarkable that Bernd Watzka the author of the theatre version and producer of the play discovered his talent for dramatic writing as a winner of some of the first Drama Slams that we brought on stage in Vienna. The invention of Drama Slam brought a lot of joy and possibilities to my life and this upcoming one is among the greatest rewards I could possibly get for myself. When I was reading the script and further reading at the casting I was sure as never before that this monumental part is written for me and now I really have the possibility to bring it on and act it out. I guess I should be nervous and honestly I am; as we know from the ancient myths so much can happen until you reach a major point in live. I’m prepared and I finish my blog for now because I need to strenghten my body with swimming and exercise. I stepped into the nothing during the celebrations of the first night of our arrival on the island but in a quick reaction I could absorb the energy of the free fall with my hands and a strong left knee that after two days of regeneration and support of the right one is now carrying me running along the rocky coastline again and experience the sensation of three dimensional movement. See you around! Contact me if you want to work with me or you consider to cast me for a movie or a play.

Next dates:
8th July Schilcherslam in Sankt Ulrich im Greith
9th July DJ @ Kombüse GRAZ
28th July – 22nd of August RAD DER ZEIT in Sankt Ulrich im Greith and Graz (18-22.08.)
27th August DJ Performance @ DEAD MAN WALKING festival, Miesenbach bei Birkfeld
22th of Septembre to 27th of Octobre HÖDLMOSER (on tour in Vienna and Styria)
28th of Septembre to 29th of Octobre ANATEVKA (Oper Graz)

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The Makeover

Welcome to my personal homepage! Glad to see that you have managed your way out of social media to the real sources in this great internet of ours.

January 2022 © Roland Renner – klick for more photos

I spent a week in the wonderful city of Trieste in January to organise and celebrate DRaMa SLaM XXXIII, the third Drama Slam ever in Italian language and it was great to get to play a part in the vibrant living theatre scene that this great port-town beholds. I got to know wonderful actors and talented playwrights and I’m looking forward for further cooperations with the Hangar Teatri. Of course I took further investigations in the exquisite local cuisine which represents an eclectic fusion of Italian, Slovenian and Austrian influences and I had the opportunity to stroll almost alone in the miraculous parc of Miramare and I even took an early swim in the refreshing Adriadic Sea.

Ahead of this I had a great photoshooting with top photographer and longtime friend Roland Renner for my new setcard. After ten years, sporting long hair and most of the time a thick beard, landing a role in a great international feature film demanded a radical makeover and now it is time to show you my new look: THE SHOOTING.
It really does feel refreshing and together with the booster of finally being recognised as an actor on an international level I’m looking forward for further great opportunities to show my talent and my versatility:

On the homefront I can announce that I am casted for a great new Austrian theatreplay which will be touring Vienna and Styria in early autumn and you will hear more about it in the next months. Nur soviel: ein moderner Klassiker der österreichischen Literatur wird dramatisiert und noch nie war ich bei einem Vorsprechen so überzeugt, dass die Rolle für mich gemacht ist.

I always knew that through the widespread and dominating practice of typecasting I would get more and more interesting as an actor with the years of age and I have the strong feeling and conviction that now I have reached an important milestone.

Nevertheless I do not stop to follow other paths on the artistic trail and I keep exploring other forms of expression such as writing poetry, directing, singing and also drawing. On TikTok (commonly known as the end of human civilisation) I started a series of little clips.

See you soon yours Jimi Lend / February 2022

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Diagonale 2022 – Back to the movies

Einen Tag, drei Stunden und zwanzig Minuten haben wir diese Woche in 18 Vorstellungen bei 37 unterschiedlichen, unterhaltsamen und unverwechselbaren Filmen verbracht! Die Festivalstunden zwischen den Filmen und die der obligatorischen Partys bleiben ungezählt und übersteigen in ihrer Anzahl sicherlich die der letztwöchigen Schlaf- und Traumphasen.

Doch wozu selber träumen? Eine traumhafte, glorreiche Diagonale 2022 ist über die Bühne und mittlerweile zu Ende gegangen, die Träume, Visionen, Ideen und Eindrücke der Filmschaffenden unseres Landes haben mir die Sinne voll gemacht und so schreite ich denn zum traditionellen, subjektiven Rückblick aus meiner Perspektive.
(Credits zu allen Filmen finden sich in den Links – Spoiler sind rar, aber in den Filmen Good Life Deal und Die Totenschmecker vorhanden)
Alles beginnt im Festivalzentrum mit dem Ausfassen der Akkreditierung und der schicken und prall gefüllten Goodiebags, deren Kernstück der wunderschön gestaltete Katalog ist. Die Farbe des Jahres ist schwarz und das passt gut, denn auf dem Speiseplan stehen, gewissermaßen als Festival im Festival, Ulrich Seidl Festspiele. Das Erscheinen des stets in schwarz gewandeten niederösterreichischen Regisseurs und Produzenten von Weltrang verspricht Abgründiges. Doch siehe da, der Eröffnungsfilm aus seinem Produktionshaus in der prall gefüllten Helmut-List Halle ist ein beschwingter! Regisseurin Kurdwin Ayub präsentiert mit Sonne eine brillante, state-of-the-art Tragikomödie über drei Teenagerinnen … klick unten für mehr

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Happy 2022! A guads neix Johr!

Thank you for visiting my website! Nice to have you around! Here you find all things Lend and links to my professional profiles and social media websites!

Ich wünsche erstmal ein fröhliches neues Jahr und ich freue mich schon auf alle kommenen Aufgaben und künstlerischen Herausforderungen!

Watch out! Late in 2021 I got a call to jump into an international movie-production and I got a little makeover. Fresh Photos are in the making. Get your glimpse here:

2022 beginnt für mich mit der Wiederaufnahme von Anatevka an der Oper Graz
ab 16. Jänner und erreicht einen weiteren frühen Höhepunkt am 29. Jänner im Hangar Teatri Trieste mit der dritten italienischen DRaMa SLam.

Das neueste Stück der Vitamins Of Society erscheint wie gewohnt im Hochsommer und dazwischen, währenddessen und danach habe ich noch jede Menge Zeit für spontane Engagements, Aufritte, Soloevents, Streamereien und Shootings!

Stick around for the upcoming adventures and contact me if you like to work with me.

love and peace die Tage
jimi lend

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Lockdown in Austria

Return of the River Lend Canal

It’s Lockadeelockdown again in cold Austria and we have the duty and possibility to selfbroadcast and stream our thoughts and netfindings out to the world.

Weekly Update every Thursday Night 21:00 CET

As always welcome to my website and check my links ▲▲▲ up there
to get connected, book me and/or start a new project!

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Throwback Thursday – A portrait of my tweenself

2009 im Zuge des Absolutly Free Festivals traf mich Bert Dittrich zum ausführlichen Interview und erstellte folgenden Beitrag für Ausstellung und Katalog. Dieser wilde Kerl ist noch immer in mir und hungrig auf mehr…

Aus „Abslutely Free – Der Woodstock Effekt“ Ed Hauswirth, Christoph Marek, Karl Stocker, Erika Thümmel (Hg.) – Landesmuseum Joanneum – Graz 2009

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Hello! Willkommen!

and congratulations for finding my wordpresspage in the dephts of the internet! Originally created to post my poems you find yourself now on a landing page for all my artistic appereances on- and, most of the time, offline. If you seach for the actor, the theatredirector or the poet that I am look up there ↑↑↑ and you will find links to all destinations of my artistic journey and to my social media pages.
As you know every following, every like, every comment counts! They are little warmfelt connections in the cold vastness of the cyberspace. Feel free to contact me for any kind of collaboration that comes to your mind.

Today I want to share with you one of around forty textpictures that I produced somewhen in the last 10 years and that I recently found again and fotographed to participate in a competition. I signed it under the name of my fine arts‘ avatar Huanlupo

Born to be free of any kaligraphic restrictions – Ink on paper 120g/m² – 201x – 1750 €uro
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manuskripte-Stadtspaziergang am 21.9.

WordPresser’s Walk

Andreas Unterweger

Vorschau auf den Termin:


zum 60. Geburtstag der Literaturzeitschrift

(nachträglich, aber nachdrücklich)

Beginn: 21.09.2021, 17:00 Uhr, Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

Dauer: ca. 2,5 Stunden

manuskripte-Herausgeber Andreas Unterweger führt an manuskripte-relevante Grazer Orte – vom Forum Stadtpark, wo am 4.11.1960 die ersten manuskripte-Hefte auf das Publikum der Forum-Eröffnung herabflatterten, über weitere Schauplätze von Literaturgeschichte(n) oder gar -skandalen bis in die legendär verzettelte Redaktion in der Sackstraße 17.

Der Weg durch mehr als sechs Jahrzehnte Literatur- und Stadtgeschichte ist gepflastert mit zahlreichen vollkommen überraschenden Begegnungen: Grazer Klassiker*innen aus Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft melden sich mit Interventionen, Kurzlesungen und Interviews zu Wort.

Featuring: Max Höfler, Jimi Lend, Harald Miesbacher,Fiston Mwanza Mujila, My wicked wicked ways, Susanne K. Weber, Rudi Widerhofer u.a.m.

Der Stadtspaziergang mündet um ca. 19 Uhr ins manuskripteCafé König, wo Schauspieler Daniel Doujenis Gedichte von Alfred…

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