Hello! Willkommen!

Beautiful! Congratulations for finding my wordpresspage in the dephts of the internet. Originally created to post my poems it is now a landing page for all my artistic appereances on- and most of the time offline. If you seach for the actor, the theatredirector or the poet that I am look up there ↑↑↑ and you will find links to all destinations of my artistic journey and to my social media pages.
As you know every following, every like, every comment counts! They are little warmfelt connections in the cold vastness of the cyberspace. Feel free to contact me for any kind of collaboration that comes to your mind.

Today I want to share with you one of around forty textpictures that I produced somewhen in the last 10 years and that I recently found again and fotographed to participate in a competition. I signed it under the name of my fine arts‘ avatar Huanlupo

Born to be free of any kaligraphic restrictions – Ink on paper 120g/m² – 201x – 1750 €uro
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There’s no season like low season

After a glorious summer with multiple stage appereances and the realisation of our eleventh unique show for Vitamins Of Society, I now take some time for recreation, postproduction and planning. Nevertheless my secret sweet spot is right in the heart of Europe, so:
if I could be of any specific value for your project, check my links and send me a message.

Next Dates:
21st of Septembre & 13rd of Octobre 2021

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manuskripte-Stadtspaziergang am 21.9.

WordPresser’s Walk

Andreas Unterweger

Vorschau auf den Termin:


zum 60. Geburtstag der Literaturzeitschrift

(nachträglich, aber nachdrücklich)

Beginn: 21.09.2021, 17:00 Uhr, Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

Dauer: ca. 2,5 Stunden

manuskripte-Herausgeber Andreas Unterweger führt an manuskripte-relevante Grazer Orte – vom Forum Stadtpark, wo am 4.11.1960 die ersten manuskripte-Hefte auf das Publikum der Forum-Eröffnung herabflatterten, über weitere Schauplätze von Literaturgeschichte(n) oder gar -skandalen bis in die legendär verzettelte Redaktion in der Sackstraße 17.

Der Weg durch mehr als sechs Jahrzehnte Literatur- und Stadtgeschichte ist gepflastert mit zahlreichen vollkommen überraschenden Begegnungen: Grazer Klassiker*innen aus Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft melden sich mit Interventionen, Kurzlesungen und Interviews zu Wort.

Featuring: Max Höfler, Jimi Lend, Harald Miesbacher,Fiston Mwanza Mujila, My wicked wicked ways, Susanne K. Weber, Rudi Widerhofer u.a.m.

Der Stadtspaziergang mündet um ca. 19 Uhr ins manuskripteCafé König, wo Schauspieler Daniel Doujenis Gedichte von Alfred…

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Vitamins Of Society 2021 – DIE PENSION IST SICHER

Here I’m what the elders call a Zampano: I direct, I organise, I promote, I sing, I act.

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Residency Surprise

I’m currenty working at the Istrian coast to gain some energy and some tan for what promises to be a wunderful summer full of art and music.

Follow my Twitteraccount for more recent updates and thoughts,
tune in on Monday Night’s Live Stream or check my contact for any requests and suggestions.

At www.vitaminsofsociety.org you already find the dates for the 11th theatresummershow that I organise and direct on my tribe’s land and in my mothertown Graz.

Love and Peace, I hope to see you soon.

artist in residence! locanda savicenta! grazie Luca
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Where should I exhibit next?

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Jeden Montag Abend Live Im Internet 20:45 CET River Lend Canal every Monday until June 1st

Der River Lend Canal ist mein wöchentliches direktes Tor in die Welt.
Ein Talkshowproject mit Harry Lampl, dass keine fixen Parameter hat außer, dass wir Montags immer on sind.

www.twitter.com/huanlupowww.twitch.tv/riverlendcanalyoutube.com/user/jimilend und auf meiner fb-seite. – wenn ihr schon da seit folgt mir bitte, subscribed und liked – ihr wisst ja jeder Klick zählt!

The River Lend Canal is my weekly door to the world. Tune in and find out. If I’m in a German flow make yourself visible then I’ll switch to English.


feel free to leave follows. ❤
www.twitter.com/huanlupowww.twitch.tv/riverlendcanalyoutube.com/user/jimilend and fb pv

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From Austria With Love

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Travelmemories to brighten up Covinter.

The Austrian Theaters will be closed until next year and while Styria gets ready for a free Covid_testing-weekend I travel to the worlds of my memories where I find inspiration to provide to your phantasies. We travelled one whole time around the sun since last year when we on December 9 2019 stepped into an airplane and flew to Southeastasia for a roundtrip. We didn‘t have any plans but follow to the flow and enjoy some lazy beaches. One year later I‘m starting a little real time twitterthread where I try to capture some impressions of that tour in german-language twitterprose.

13 weeks to go: www.twitter.com/huanlupo

Here you find the full thread: https://threadreaders.com/author/@huanlupo (19921)

Additionally I also share some travelpictures on my facebookpage and tell some backgroundstories in english. Anyway, who wants to dive deeper in the whole experience of me and my girlfriend travelling the southeastasian coast you may find it right here on my wordpressblog.

kurz vor Tewet/klickforfullsize

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