Jeden Montag Abend Live Im Internet 20:45 CET River Lend Canal every Monday

Der River Lend Canal ist mein wöchentliches direktes Tor in die Welt.
Ein Talkshowproject mit Harry Lampl, dass keine fixen Parameter hat außer, dass wir Montags immer on sind. und auf meiner fb-seite. – wenn ihr schon da seit folgt mir bitte, subscribed und liked – ihr wisst ja jeder Klick zählt!

The River Lend Canal is my weekly door to the world. Tune in and find out. If I’m in a German flow make yourself visible then I’ll switch to English.


feel free to leave follows. ❤ and fb pv

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Travelmemories to brighten up Covinter.

The Austrian Theaters will be closed until next year and while Styria gets ready for a free Covid_testing-weekend I travel to the worlds of my memories where I find inspiration to provide to your phantasies. We travelled one whole time around the sun since last year when we on December 9 2019 stepped into an airplane and flew to Southeastasia for a roundtrip. We didn‘t have any plans but follow to the flow and enjoy some lazy beaches. One year later I‘m starting a little real time twitterthread where I try to capture some impressions of that tour in german-language twitterprose.

13 weeks to go:

Additionally I also share some travelpictures on my facebookpage and tell some backgroundstories in english. Anyway, who wants to dive deeper in the whole experience of me and my girlfriend travelling the southeastasian coast you may find it right here on my wordpressblog.

kurz vor Tewet/klickforfullsize

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From Austria With Love

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November Blues

As the Austrian Theatres are closed for the whole November I’m making my way back to digital playgrounds through live-stream workshops and postproduction hangouts.

At you may find me hanging out publicly and you are always welcome to join me online for a public or private talk about art and the world.

I also improved my homerecording set up with a DIY Reflection Difuser and soon I will present you the first hot takes via my soundcloud-channel.

For all professional requests check this website’s menu or contact me here

Draw with me and leave your digital traces at

screenshot river lend canal
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Autumn in the City

Der Sommer war lang und intensiv. Wir haben mit „Der Grünen Insel“ eine fulminante Uraufführungsserie in Sankt Ulrich und Graz über die Open Air Bühne gebracht und in 10 Vorstellungen den psychedelischen Rock der späten Sechziger und das epische Theater der österreichischen Siebziger gefeiert. Mehr auf

Nun geht es für mich zur Abwechslung mal wieder auf eine überdachte Bühne, nämlich endlich auf die der Grazer Oper, wo ich in der Inszenierung von Christian Thausing, im legendären Musical „Anatevka“, den russischen Wachtmeister verkörpere.

Falls Dir ein Projekt mit mir einfällt oder Du gedenkst mich für irgendeine spannende Rolle zu besetzen, findest Du meinen Kontakt hier

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Summer in the country

The Vitamins of Society head out for their 10th summerproduction and make it a happening!

Vitamins Of Society Open Air Summer Theatre since 2011
visit for more intel

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Feuilles im Ö1 Kulturforum

Our exeptional Austrian National Radio lets everybody show off some art on their homepage. I sent them some leaves of my splendid residency times in Brussels (german):
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Night Live Hangout #streamworkstatt

After I started to learn some live-streaming-tools for my online Easter-Fire, I realised that I like the possibility to hang out publicly and talk to artists and friends. If you want to join – comment in the different channels. For Bookings check this link.
YouTube River Lend Canal

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#staygroovy in times of crisis

->>> Deutschsprachige Version

Dear Friends and Visitors,

video for #unitedweact #wirspielenzusammen #globalcasting

as you probably too, I’m at home waiting for the virus-spread to decrease to a save level for EVERYBODY around us. As an independend performing artist I have a long relationship to times alone focused on myself, my plans, my ideas, my writings and if you have any questions on my experiences and strategies to cope with the personal aspects of being alone under lockdown or if you just want to talk to somebody feel free to contact me at jimi[~at~] and we can arrange a date to videochat, audiochat, classical chat or even classical e-mail.

If you’re an online-plattform looking for hosts, singers, poets, actors or performers feel free to invite me to entertain your audience via jimi[~at~]

I also do online-brainstormings in any direction and freestyle.

I wish you all the best and hope to meet you soon! Stay safe! Stay at home! Think about what you can do to make our world a wonderful and safe place vor every being.

for detailed skills and biography please check my links in this collection




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Island Hopper

For every hour of flying an airplane you should stay one week at your destination. As I spend my European summers working on our Vitamins Of Society Festival on my ancestor’s farm, I take a summer back and I spend 12 European winterweeks in the far east. Nevertheless if your project is groovy and you really want me I will take any booking requests into consideration and maybe come back earlier. Maybe. You reach me at jimi [at] or at the nearest Livemusicclub around Southeastasia where I live my dreamlive as a singer with local bands or a solo ukulelist.
Text-work-requests, which don’t depend on my physical presence, are welcome.

Happy & Sunny Greetings Yours Beachboy

by jft

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